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Welcome to the Nature Investment Standards Hub

Your portal to the development of a new consensus-based, UK-wide standards framework designed to overcome barriers and build trust in investing in nature and the services it provides.


Welcome to the dedicated space for all updates, discussions, and further resources as they relate to the BSI Flex 702. Please feel free to browse the blogs, join the discussions, or view the calendar as it currently stands. Please ensure that you "Join" the page in order to be able to participate in the discussions. 

About the BSI Flex 702

This standard will provide a common set of methodology requirements for schemes issuing biodiversity units in the UK to govern emerging biodiversity markets (both compliance and voluntary). Research identified a need for a common approach across biodiversity schemes in operation and development across the UK to drive consistency where varying approaches and metrics are being developed. The standard will build on the IPNIS, align to emerging global biodiversity market standards and work with established UK schemes.

Related integrity principles

  • Additionality
  • Lasting and permanent benefits
  • Robust quantification 
  • Validation and verification

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